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Partner with VMHA


We know there are some great coaches, doctors, lawyers and nonprofits that also help our veterans get the rating they deserve. We’re thrilled that there is a community supporting this mission and are always excited to partner in support of our veterans. In addition to our premium evaluations and the comfort we directly provide our veterans, we’re proud to offer our partners a service they can trust. 

As a VMHA partner, you and your veteran receive:

Quick scheduling: Once a partner referral is received, we contact the veteran within 3 business days to get them scheduled. We know the challenges many veterans have already faced in their claims process. We make their interactions with us as seamless as possible. 

Proactive coaching: Before each assessment, we proactively coach veterans on the importance of being open and honest with their psychologists so the veteran can obtain the evidence they need for their claim. We know this doesn’t come naturally to many veterans due to military conditioning and we provide proactive coaching to get them and our partners the greatest value possible out of the assessment. 

Empathic psychologists: All of our psychologists have an affiliation with the military or VA, which means they understand military culture and have a deep appreciation for the sacrifices our veterans make. These psychologists ensure a comfortable experience where veterans can open up about their challenges.

Quality assurance: We request feedback after every assessment on scheduling, comfort, and psychologist engagement and evaluate this feedback weekly. This allows us to maintain and deliver a premium assessment experience and create the best conditions for a high-quality assessment. 

Attention to detail: Our DBQs and IMOs ensure that symptoms correspond with diagnoses and that VA form and rating requirements are satisfied. We review our documents in great detail because we don't want our partners, or veterans, worrying about VA acceptance of our documentation.

Prompt delivery: We deliver all DBQs and IMOs within 7 business days of the assessment. We know time is of the essence for our partners and we deliver our evaluations as quickly as possible without compromising quality. Rush services are available. 

Partner pricing: Special rates are available to high volume partners. We appreciate their continued trust and pass these savings directly on to our partners or their referred veterans. 

Nonprofit referral donation: We provide a donation to the referring nonprofit for every referred veteran that uses our service. We know how hard nonprofits work to support our veterans and we’re happy to support them too!

If you’re curious about partnering with VMHA, email us at Let's explore how VMHA can support you and your veterans! 

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